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 on: Today at 07:59:31 AM 
Started by twodog - Last post by Sam Hutto
Love muscadines, we have lots of them around here at home and on the deer lease at Nimrod. Several folks around here grow tame muscadines and while they are good, I prefer the taste of the wild ones. They're a little stronger in flavor and not quite as sweet. All of them make great jelly and I've heard , but of course a good Baptist like me  rolleyes wouldn't know first hand, they make good wine.

I used to do deer camp west of Scotland and up on Gulf Mountain for years. We've got lots of them here and at Nimrod, but it seemed like there were more muscadines up around Scotland than here or at Nimrod.   

Speaking of where stuff grows, something that has amazed me since getting the lease at Lake Nimrod is there is no honey suckle and very few persimmons down there. Around here and at Scotland honeysuckle and persimmons are a major nuisance. Both will take over any piece of land left fallow or even while you're faming it if you don't stay on top of them. Both are also main deer foods. Persimmons when ripe and honeysuckle is probably the main year round deer browse we have. Watching the sides of the road, honeysuckle seem to stop about halfway between Perryville and Nimrod Lake. Never have figured out why, it's thick on the fences and field edges, then it just stops.   Down at camp on the south bank of Nimrod, there just isn't any honeysuckle and persimmons are rare.   

 on: Today at 07:50:29 AM 
Started by Losthunter - Last post by Biggen
I wish they would ban feeders state wide so we all are on the same plying field

They would have to ban food plots as well then, to make it fair then....  scratchin scratchin

 on: Today at 04:22:10 AM 
Started by twodog - Last post by twodog
North Arkansas is the northern edge of the natural range for wild muscadines. They grow good as far north as Pelsor Ben Hur area but how much farther I am not sure. My Harrison buddy has none on his place. He is growing tame ones for wine and the local conservation agent was amazed at how well his are growing.
Muscadines are real good to just eat. They have big seeds that you have to work out and a thick hull. They have a tart sweetness. Deer and bears love them and many other critters besides people. They are grape size or a little bigger black with small gold or yellow specks on the hull. The vines climb and often they are way off the ground and you have to shake the wild ones down. In good years they are worth the effort to find.

 on: Yesterday at 07:39:54 PM 
Started by twodog - Last post by Losthunter
never tasted them always wanted to but not sure what they are ,

 on: Yesterday at 07:39:02 PM 
Started by Losthunter - Last post by Losthunter
I wish they would ban feeders state wide so we all are on the same plying field

 on: Yesterday at 05:16:45 PM 
Started by twodog - Last post by twodog
I have tame muscadines. Three varieties. One black and two bronze or green. My black variety already getting ripe. I have picked a handful or real nice sweet ones and will have to start picking and freezing this week. We still have lots of muscadine jelly on hand and do not need any more right now. All my muscadines will be going to my buddy at Harrison. He and his wife are really in the homemade wine mode.
I have seen some wild muscadines already ripe too. The birds are working them over.

 on: Yesterday at 05:11:58 PM 
Started by Losthunter - Last post by twodog
I am so ready for fall to get here. I hunt mostly public land and so no feeders or any of that. Did most of my scouting this past winter and during turkey season and in past hunting seasons. I pretty much know the trails and hotspots in the hills and hollers. I will get out in September and look a little closer for any new activity. I have shot my rifles I will be using and am good to go there. Shooting the bow a little about every other day. All my worn out shoulders allow.
I live for the fall!

 on: August 12, 2018, 07 :04:24 PM 
Started by twodog - Last post by twodog
We do not have any real problem with smoke. The secret to avoiding smoke is when opening the stove door crack it for a few seconds to let the draft get going and then open all the way. We have a Lopi stove and it is our second of this make. They are well built and heat good. The first one stayed with a house we sold. Is it the best? I cannot say as I have not used any others. I do wish it used a little bit bigger wood and that the burn time was longer on a load of wood. There are things I would change but it does a good job so we are satisfied. They make many different models.

 on: August 12, 2018, 04 :39:05 PM 
Started by twodog - Last post by Losthunter
Do you have any smoke problems in the house ? and what kind of stove would you recommend ?
always thought of getting one

 on: August 12, 2018, 12 :45:54 PM 
Started by Losthunter - Last post by Losthunter
 Good little gun single shot 22 inch barrel make a good kid gun
 200. dollars or trade for ??

Will give a Ozarkhunter member a good discount from listed price

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