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Author Topic: New Project  (Read 335 times)
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« on: April 24, 2017, 02 :46:26 PM »

since I finished my BBQ pit & trailer project, I'm getting ready to start another. My new project is a walk-in meat cooler. Size: 6ft wide x 6ft deep x 8ft height with meat trolley rail systems .

Going to make it portable so I can pick it up with front loader of tractor (w\ fork lift forks) and move were ever. The walls will be constructed actual 4" thick 2x6's cut to 4". Be using
 embossed white plastic wall panels, vinyl flooring, 2" closed cell rigid foam insulation which I'll double up to 4", Coolbot temperature controller which allows a standard digital air conditioner to cool a space down to 35 degrees F, standard digital wall mount air conditioner. I will have a drain on the floor so it can be washed out with a hose. The underneath of the floor will be sheeted with plywood and constructed like a pallet so I can move this. This building will be sitting on concrete piers.

I'm going to construct this like a typical shed, with the exceptions of the floor, walls & ceiling will be insulated with a double layer of 2" closed cell rigid foam insulation. The interior walls will be sheeted with 4x8 embossed white matte plastic wall panels, the floor will be cover with vinyl flooring (which the wall will be sitting the edge of the flooring). All the corners will be caulked with big stretch caulking.
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« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2017, 08 :33:41 PM »

we tore down a old burger king wish I would of saved you some cooler parts that may of been good ,


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